About Fonzie Abbott

Back in 2010, our founder Dan set out to create a business that he was genuinely passionate about; something that inspired him to live to work. He sat down with a piece of paper and wrote the three things that he wanted to define his work and lifestyle: surfing, travel and good times.

A lifelong lover of coffee, he decided a good place to start would be to brew a batch he'd want to drink every day, and thus, Fonzie Abbott was born. As the years passed, the roastery paved the way for our brewery, which paved the way for our distillery, turning our humble little headquarters into a one-stop libation shop.

Whether you need a Monday morning eye-opener or a Friday arvo sedative, our team is ready to serve hot coffee, cold beer, and good chat 7 days a week.


Dan's hands-on approach to sourcing coffee has allowed him to travel to many weird and wonderful places in search of interesting beans. He discovered early in the piece that good waves and good beans were often found very close to each other. The introduction of our 'Farm to Palm' initiative allowed us to forge relationships with some incredible coffee farmers and get straight to the source of our rotating single origin coffee's and seasonal blends (not to mention catch a few cheeky waves on the side). 


The correlation between spirits, beer and good times is pretty self-explanatory. We set out to create a line of drinks that were accessible, sessionable and delicious. We're not in it for the accolades, but we were pretty chuffed to hear that both our Wishbone Vodka and Wishbone Gin had taken home silver at the 2019 Tasting Australia Spirit Awards; and that out Pale Ale won bronze at the Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show. All our beverages are brewed and distilled on site at our Fox Street headquarters, a fact that delights our staff and regulars alike.

Fonzie Abbott

Whether it’s a long lunch with the farmers, learning about the local bar and restaurant scene in some remote corner of the world, or a few sneaky days in Bali on the way to Sumatra, there is no shortage of good times here at Fonzie. Our team is passionate about curating and serving quality products, and are willing to put in the hard work to make this possible. We're a lifestyle, beverage company that is constantly evolving and improving, and we thank our loyal customers for their unerring support. With our help, you'll never be thirsty again.