The Diversity of Single Origin Coffee Beans at Fonzie Abbott

The Diversity of Single Origin Coffee Beans at Fonzie Abbott

At Fonzie Abbott, our passion for coffee stems from a unique blend of adventure, travel, and good times. Founded by Dan Pappas, a former race car driver turned coffee aficionado, Fonzie Abbott was born out of a desire to craft exceptional coffee that fuels life's adventures.

Our Roasting Philosophy

Unlike traditional roasters, we keep it simple yet innovative. We believe that starting with exceptional green beans and treating them with care leads to outstanding coffee. Dan's hands-on approach to sourcing has taken him to remote corners of the world, where good waves often lead to discovering excellent beans.

Single Origin Selection

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our diverse range of single origin coffees. Each origin tells a story of its own, influenced by its unique climate, soil, and the dedication of local farmers. Our current collection includes:

Indonesia - Aceh Gayo

  • Varietal/Process: Typical + SL795/Wet-hulled
  • Flavour Notes: Sweet tobacco, blood orange, dates
  • Acidity: Juicy
  • Body: Robust, Heavy

Papua New Guinea - Eastern Highlands

  • Flavour Profile: Fruity, chocolatey, subtle vanilla notes
  • Region: Lufa & Okalu, Eastern Highlands

Ethiopia - Guji

  • Flavour Profile: Aromatic florals, juicy dark berries, fresh figs
  • Sustainability: Fair price for farmers

Brazil - South Minas Gerais

  • Flavour Profile: Floral aroma, raspberry, pomegranate, chocolate syrup-like body
  • Processing: Anaerobic fermentation, greenhouse drying

Colombia - Huila

  • Flavour Profile: Fruity, sweet, hints of chocolate
  • Craftsmanship: Collective of skilled small-scale farmers

Why Single Origin Coffee?

Single origin coffees offer a unique tasting experience, allowing you to detect distinct flavour profiles influenced by the region's terroir. From the rugged landscapes of Papua New Guinea to the lush Ethiopian highlands, each cup embodies the essence of its origin.

Experience the Difference

Discover the art of single origin coffee and embark on a journey through taste with Fonzie Abbott. Whether you're drawn to fruity notes or crave a robust body, our curated selection promises a delightful coffee experience like no other.