Reintroducing Fazenda Santa Izabel's Coffee: A Juicy Delight from Brazil

Reintroducing Fazenda Santa Izabel's Coffee: A Juicy Delight from Brazil

At Fonzie Abbott Coffee Roasters, we pride ourselves on bringing you exceptional coffee experiences, and we’re thrilled to reintroduce the Fazenda Santa Izabel single-origin coffee for the second year running. This coffee has quickly become a favourite among our customers, and it's easy to see why.

The Art of Fazenda Santa Izabel: From Farm to Cup

The meticulous processing of Fazenda Santa Izabel's coffee sets it apart. This batch underwent an extensive hands-on processing phase, including:

  • Five days of anaerobic fermentation, enhancing the coffee’s complexity.
  • Drying in a greenhouse, ensuring a consistent and controlled drying process.
  • 40 days of resting before dry milling, allowing the flavours to mature.
  • Hand sorting by size and color, guaranteeing only the highest quality beans make it to your cup.

Once processed, the beans are carefully packed and shipped to us, ready to be enjoyed by coffee aficionados like you.

The Flavour Profile: What to Expect

Fazenda Santa Izabel's coffee delivers a delightfully juicy cup with a floral aroma. The tasting notes are vibrant and refreshing, featuring:

  • Raspberry and Pomegranate: These fruity notes offer a lively and sweet profile.
  • Chocolate Syrup-Like Body: A rich, creamy, and round body that envelops the fruity flavours, creating a harmonious balance in every sip.

Key Details About Fazenda Santa Izabel

  • Origin: South Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Producer: Nobletree Farms
  • Variety: Arara
  • Altitude: 1180 MASL
  • Process: Fermented Natural
  • Body: Creamy/Round

Specialty Coffee for Discerning Palates

Fazenda Santa Izabel is perfect for those who appreciate the nuances of specialty coffee. Its unique processing and vibrant flavour profile make it a standout choice for coffee lovers looking for something truly special.

Available Now at Fonzie Abbott Cafes and Online

We’re excited to offer Fazenda Santa Izabel’s coffee in all our cafes and online store. Whether you prefer to visit our Newstead café or shop from the comfort of your home, this exceptional single-origin coffee is just a click away.

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What makes Fazenda Santa Izabel unique?
The extensive hands-on processing, including anaerobic fermentation and careful hand sorting, contributes to its complex and juicy flavour profile.

How should I brew Fazenda Santa Izabel for the best flavour?
We recommend using a pour-over or French press method to highlight the fruity and chocolatey notes of this single-origin coffee.

Can I try Fazenda Santa Izabel before buying?
Yes, Fazenda Santa Izabel is available for tasting in all our cafes. Visit us to experience this delightful coffee firsthand before making a purchase.

Where can I buy Fazenda Santa Izabel?
You can purchase Fazenda Santa Izabel coffee online through our website or at any Fonzie Abbott café location.

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