Can Coffee Beans Go Off?

Can Coffee Beans Go Off?

The Simple answer is, yes, coffee beans can go off. However, there are ways to slow down this process, such as effective coffee bean storage.

How long will my coffee stay fresh for?

When stored correctly, whole coffee beans can remain fresh for many months. If sealed correctly, whole bean coffee can last up to 9 months, but once opened, it is recommended to consume within 2 weeks for the optimal freshness! This is for whole bean coffee.

Ground coffee shelf life is not as extensive as whole beans, it is recommended to consume ground coffee within 10 days of it being ground. Ground coffee shelf life is less due to its exposure to oxygen, moisture and carbon dioxide. The ground coffee reacts to these elements and can cause the coffee to go stale at a faster rate.

We recommend investing in an air tight container for you coffee beans and ground coffee. We also suggest that you do not store your coffee in sunlight and instead in your pantry to maintain a more constant temperature.

How to know if my coffee has gone off?

  • Taste - Shocking... I know. But your biggest indicator that your coffee has gone to shit is that it tastes it. It may taste flat or sour... HOWEVER, a sour taste in coffee can sometimes be from poor extraction, so make sure you have tested all your variables and it's not user error...
  • Smell - Good coffee should smell GOOD. Pleasantly aromatic.
  • Appearance - A lot of people don't realise after long lengths of oxidation, coffee can actually grow mould, so lets just say that that would be a very big indicator for you that your beans are no longer fresh...

How should I store my coffee beans?

  • In an airtight container - Avoiding oxidation & moisture.
  • Out of direct sunlight - Coffee is best placed in a cupboard/pantry, keep it stored in a dark cool environment. FYI - it is a MYTH to store coffee in the fridge... This is not good for your coffee... Too much moisture, which in turn will affect your coffees flavour.

Happy sipping!