Single Origin: Papua New Guinea - Kimel Estate

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Medium Body – High Acidity – Mixed Fruit and Malt

The Kimel plantation was first established in 1974 by an Australian named Bobby Gibbs; it is now fully owned by traditional landowners the Opais, being the main tribe in this area. The estate is located in the Western Highlands in the Wahgi Valley approximately 50 Km south of Mount Hagen, near a small town called Banz.

The Western Highlands area is the largest coffee producing province in Papua New Guinea (PNG), with the Wahgi valley and the Dei Council, in particular, which the estate boarders, produce some of the finest coffees in PNG.

The elevation of the estate is 5,200ft above sea level and the soil is mostly rich sandy loam. The temperature ranges from 6 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees Celsius and the annual rainfall is approximately 260 to 270 mm